Sinkwall Module Unloading and Staging


Laborer – Unloading Truck (3)
Laborer – Landing and Staging (4)

Sink Wall (1)

Hard Hats (7)
Gloves (7)
Safety Glasses (7)
Ear plugs (7)
Safety Vest (7)


Sink Wall Crane Rigging (6)
Ratcheting Strap (1)
Fork Lift (If Needed) (1)
Single Wheel Jacks/Movers (5)
Safety Knife (2)
Ladder (Ground) (1)

Sinkwalls are typically delivered packaged in bundles of three and can be lifted that way. Remove the outer plastic from the units, leaving the banding in place so they remain bundled together.

If there are clearance restraints in the building opening the pallet can be detached from the base.

Connect the rigging to the unit by engaging the pick-points into the slotted stud. Make sure the rigging is properly engaged.

Use a ratchet strap to make sure pick points remain engaged during the lifting.

As the sinkwalls are lifted from the truck , the receiving team should be on the platform ready to maneuver and land the bundled units using the guide rope.

Once firmly landed, the team will remove the strap, disengage the pick points and keep them clear of the units so they are not damaged as the rigging is returned for the next pick.

The unit is now ready for staging.

The team will engage the movers into the pick points and guide the unit to the staging area which should be located as close as possible to the final installation point. The team lead monitor the path for obstacles and provides clear verbal guidance to the team while the bundle is transported to the staging area.

Once the units are staged, the movers are disengaged and the team returns to the platform to retrieve the next unit.

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