Sinkwall Module Installation


Framer (1)
Laborer (1)

Sink Wall (1)
2 3/4″ Tapcon screws (9)
1/16″ Shim Stock Package (1)
1/8″ Shim Stock Package (1)
Insulation (Roll) (1)

Hard Hats (3)
Gloves (3)
Safety Glasses (3)
Ear plugs (3)
Safety Vest (3)



Core Drill (1)
3” Core Drill Bit (1)
Hammer Drill (1)
Power Drill (1)
5/16″ Hex Nut Driver (1)
5/32″ Masonary Bit (1)
#2 Phillips Head Bit (1)
Laser Level w/ Tripod (1)
6′ Magnetic Bubble Level (1)
25′ Tape Measure (1)
Tool Cart (1)
Extension Cord (2)
Broom (1)
Shop Vac (1)
2-Wheeled Mover (2)
6′ Foot Ladder (1)

Preparing the area is important for every installation. The final resting place for the until should be swept and clean of dust and debris before installation begins

Begin unbundling the sinkwalls by removing the screws from the strapping that surrounds the units.

Once the strapping is removed, the units will be independent of one another. Remove the remaining packaging and plywood from top of the sinkwall that is about to be installed

Attach the movers and position the unit as close to final install location as possible.

Carefully remove plywood from bottom of unit to ready it for final placement.

Reposition the unit as needed and lower it onto its final resting place.

Once the unit is in place, the movers can be removed and attached to the next unit in queue for installation.

Manually adjust the unit as needed for final placement. Use a laser to make sure the unit is plumb on all sides … use shims as necessary to level the unit.

Secure the unit by drilling pilot holes through the track using a 5/16” hammer drill bit.. then anchor the unit with ¼” x 2-3/4” tapcon screws

That completes the installation of the first sinkwall. Position next sink wall and repeat the process ensuring both units are plumb on all sides using laser

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