To: Procurement Planning and Bulk Pricing Process Flow To: Design Development Process Flow SD-1: Schmatic Design Kick-Off Meeting SD-2: HCA verifies manufactured components to be used SD-3: HCA communicates the manufactured components to be used SD-4: Confirm the partners involved SD-5: Architect obtains latest BIM Modules SD-6: Architect develops floor plans with manufactured components SD 7: Architect performs Feasibility Analysis for using Standard Manufactured Components (Structural, F&F, MPE, etc.) SD 8: GC performs Site Logistics Analysis SD 9: Architect collects information from Engineer and QC completes Feasibility Analysis SD 10: Feasible projet for manufactured components? SD-11: Notify HCA that current manufactured components as designed are not feasible SD-12: Contact Manufacturer Coordinator and investigate feasibility of designing and prefabricating components. SD-13: Feasible for designing and manufacturing components this project? SD-14: This project is not suitable for manufactured components SD-15: Refer to the HCA Procurement and Bulk Buy Process SD-16: Develp project approach SD-17: Manufacturer to provide master production schedule and capacity to Manufacturer Coordinator's database SD-18: Identify custom elements SD-19: Identify LEED requirements SD-20: Facility selects and provides information such as medical gas, toilet, and colors SD-21: HCA communicates overall project schedule SD-22: HCA selects nurse call vendor SD-23: Develop plan for fabrication of manufactured components SD-24: Develop storage plan, confirm insurance SD-25: AHJ Roles and Responsibilities Checklist initiation SD-26: Design Team sends 75% SD Plan to Manufacturer for feedback SD-27: Architect issues "frozen" SD Plans to HCA SD-28: Issue CSA for approval

Schematic Design Process Flow

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