Architect develops floor plans with manufactured components

    Architect will work with the HCA Design Manager to develop schematic floor plans of a new hospital, shell build-out, internal renovation and/or other hospital expansion and depending on the project type (ED, Med/Surg Beds, ICU, etc.), should incorporate the Manufacturer Coordinator’s BIM modules within the design.

    This shall occur regardless of whether or not the floor plans depicted in the Final Development Package included standard BIM modules.

    In Schematic Design, the Architect shall be cognizant of structural elements (either existing or new) that may impede the locations of the manufactured components. It may be prudent to consult with the Structural Engineer and Manufacturer Coordinator during this process.

    Throughout schematic design, as the project floor plans are revised resulting from input from HCA and Hospital Facility, the Architect shall utilize the manufactured component BIM modules obtained at the beginning of schematic design. It should not be expected that the Manufacturer Coordinator would create their independent BIM model during schematic design but near the end of design development.