Reference D -
BIM Based Total Station Layout Action Items and Responsibilities

Process ID Process Activity


1. GC Shares BIM Base Point(s)

  • GC to distribute the Architectural model and/or 2D background file to the trades developing coordination models.
  • From these source models they can setup their coordinate system in their files.


2. Trade develops coordination models

  • Trades develop their coordinated model with the correct project coordinates system established.
  • Model is submitted for trade coordination by the General Contractor.


3. GC Verifies and issues coordination models

  • GC to verify all models created are using the same coordinate system.
  • If not, they return to the model author to correct coordinates.
  • GC to distribute models to Field Engineer to locate and layout building control points.


4. Locate and set control points

  • Field Engineer to verify site survey field marks and locate building control points.
  • Control points are to be physically cast into structures marked with identifiable pins and floor sleeves as shown in the Construction Documents.


5. GC verifies control point locations

  • GC to verify control points marker locations are correct and align correctly with the projects localized coordinate system.
  • If incorrect, relocate the markers, or issue revised coordinate information as required.


6. Trades mark install locations

  • Using the defined control points, trades utilize on site laser survey tools to layout and mark install locations for building assembly and components.


7. Trades install components

  • Install building components and assemblies utilizing the layout locations generated. Self-check and verify as required.


8. GC verifies install locations

  • Using the established building control points, resurvey and verify building components are installed within accepted tolerances.

Generate a report of those objects that are outside acceptable tolerances.


9. GC releases next trade for layout and install

  • Components installed incorrectly are to be removed, re-layout and reinstalled.
  • When the installation is accurately completed, release the next trade for layout and install.
  • Effort complete after all trades have completed their installation efforts successfully.