Procurement Planning and Bulk Pricing Roles and Responsibilities

Process ID Process Activity Ref


Initiate Bulk Buy Pricing.

  • In an effort to leverage scale, HCA works with Manufacturers to develop Bulk Purchasing agreements.


Does Manufacturer have required certifications?

  • When projects are added to the Bulk Purchase List, Manufacturer reviews project locations to confirm all required licenses and certifications are current within jurisdiction of each project and for each unit type listed.


Identify Regulatory Agency having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

  • Licensure requirements for Manufacturers are determined at the state level.
  • HCA's Manufacturer Coordinator currently confirms the regulatory entities and assists Manufacturers in the licensing and unit approval process.


Obtain Manufacturing Certification (if req'd).

  • In many jurisdictions, a Manufacturer is required to become certified in order to provide pre-inspected, "closed" (having concealed piping, connections or components) manufactured components that can be incorporated into site construction without local AHJ inspection.
  • Manufacturing certification generally includes:
    • QA/QC system approval
    • Unit design approval
    • Plant certification
  • The certification process varies in duration.
  • Depending on the jurisdiction, it may take weeks or months to obtain.
  • Manufacturer should begin the certification process as soon as the project location has been identified.

No further steps required.

  • If certifications are already in place or not required by AHJ, nothing further is required.


Issue RFP to GC.

  • HCA Construction Managers are generally assigned to a project based on the region within which a project is located.
  • The HCA Construction Manager is responsible for issuing the RFP request to General Contractors (GC).


Request pricing from Manufacturer.

  • GC provides development package to the Manufacturer for development of the proposal response.
  • Additional information discussed with the Manufacturer includes general understanding of schedule and phasing for the project.
  • GC shares relevant information regarding site constraints or logistical concerns (such as building being occupied during construction).


Does project use standard units?

  • Manufacturer confirms that project can be produced utilizing standard modular components approved by HCA.


Confirm if pricing is desired from HCA.

  • If standard units cannot be utilized on the project, Manufacturer Coordinator shall confirm with HCA Design Manager that pricing for non-standard units is desired.


Is project on Bulk Buy list?

  • If unit is not a standard unit type, confirm with HCA Manufacturer Coordinator and HCA Design Manager whether unit is in queue for approval.


Include in Monthly Summary for Review with HCA for inclusion.

  • As projects are sent to Manufacturers for proposal, they are tracked as potential projects to be included in the Bulk purchasing agreements, and are tracked on the Monthly Summary for Review with HCA.


Do quantities match Bulk Buy estimate?

  • Unit counts provided in Bulk Purchase are updated as project information is received from Contractor in the RFP and subsequent design packages issued by the Architect.


Update Bulk Buy quantities.

  • Confirm if Bulk buy quantities match current drawing quantities.
  • If not, update the bulk buy, and review with HCA Project Manager in monthly review.


Reference unit price included in Bulk Buy.

  • Bulk Purchase pricing is based on a projected order quantity for a given period of time. The pricing assumes standard, interchangeable units will be manufactured and assigned to specific projects.


Provide proposal for manufactured parts to GC.

  • Proposals prepared for the GC include two items:
    • Unit cost for manufactured component
    • Installation cost for manufactured component
  • It is anticipated that Manufacturers will provide pricing based on Bulk Purchasing agreements with HCA.
  • However, every Manufacturer may not have resources for installation of units.
  • Manufacturer Coordinator will assist to schedule install resources as necessary.
  • Questions to confirm with GC for each proposal shall include:
    • Schedule and Phasing: Is project going to have a single or multiple mobilizations?
    • Labor Allocation: Should install labor be provided by Manufacturer or GC?


GC provides RFP response to HCA.

  • GC provides proposal for entire project to HCA, including fee, GCs, team and budget.