BP-1: Initiate Bulk Buy Pricing BP-2: Does Manufacturer have required certifications? BP-3: Identify Regulatory Agency having Jurisdiction (AHJ) BP-4: Obtain Manufacturing Certification (if req'd) BP-5: No further steps required BP-6: Issue RFP to GC BP-7: Request pricing from Manufacturer BP-8: Does project use standard units? BP-9: Confirm if pricing is desired from HCA BP-10: Is project on Bulk Buy list? BP-11: Include in Monthly Summary for Review with HCA for inclusion BP-12: Do quantities match Bulk Buy estimate? BP-13: Update Bulk Buy quantities BP-14: Reference unit price included in Bulk Buy BP-15: Provide proposal for manufactured parts to GC BP-16: GC provides RFP response to HCA

Procurement Planning and Bulk Pricing Process Flow

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