From: Permitting, Bidding, and Buyout Phase Process Flow To: Installation Process Flow PI-1: Reference the Universal Layout Methodology PI-2: Provide Install Templates for Manufactured Components PI-3: Review Construction Documents PI-4: Review site conditions PI-5: Identify physical flow for manufactured components PI-6: Identify variables and constraints PI-7: Identify Team Leads PI-8: Develop detailed install sequence. PI-9: Distribute up to date schedule PI=10: Coordinate schedules PI-11: Confirm crew PI-12: Layout plumbing and hall walls PI-13: Develop project specific sequences PI-14: Coordinate with GC to create Install Sequence plan PI-15: Document Install Sequence plan PI-16: Document Schedule and Staffing plan PI-17: Pre-Install COordination meeting and inspection PI-18: Utilize layout methodology PI-19: Coordination of installation prep activities PI-20: 24-hour Pre-Install check

Pre-Installation Process Flow

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