Post-Installation Roles and Responsibilities

Process ID Process Activity Ref


Maintain desiccant bags and protection.

  • Maintain desiccant bags and protection.


Review Installed Units.

  • Following installation of the modular units, each unit is reviewed and punchlist prepared.
  • Direct any on-site inspections teams to the State-issued insignia labels on each unit to confirm approval by third party inspectors in factory


Unit punch / rework completed.

  • Utilizing the punchlist prepared, rework team completes any necessary punchlist items.


Unit protection / locks provided.

  • Following installation of the modular units, install team leaves units appropriately protected and, in the case of bathrooms, secured with temporary locks.


GC acceptance of units.

  • Prior to demobilization, install team supervisors conducts final walk-through with General Contractor's representative to receive final acceptance of units.


Demobilization of install team.

  • Install team conducts final inventory of tools and materials then demobilizes from project site.


Building system connection to modular components.

  • General Contractor directs connection of units to building system. This activity ideally is sequenced to follow immediately behind unit installation occurring before modular unit install team has demobilized.


Project completion.

  • General Contractor is responsible for protection of the modular unit for the duration of construction.


Conduct and capture lessons learned for manufactured components.

  • At the completion of the project in coordination with HCA's lessons learned processes, a final lessons learned session is scheduled to collect relevant action items that should become part of the playbook.