Installation Roles and Responsibilities

Process ID Process Activity Ref

Develop Crane Usage.

  • Develop the crane/lull usage plan between trades.

Review logistic plan.

  • Review logistics plan and walk the travel paths with Supt's.
  • Note the clearances needed for the larger units relative to when each group install is to occur.

Pre Install Meeting with Subs and Manufacturer.

  • Pre install meeting with GC, subs, and modular manufacturer.


Confirm subs have certifications.

  • Confirm install company has certifications (IHB, etc.), and riggers/operators have proper certifications also.


Plan trucking delivery.

  • Plan trucking delivery sequence that supports the install sequence. Stay updated on driver status.


Install team mobilization.

  • Install team coordinates arrival date, site logistics and lay down area with General Contractor.


On-site install training.

  • Install supervisory team provides install training for the field team selected for the project.


Execute trucking delivery.

  • Execute a trucking delivery sequence that supports the install sequence.
  • Stay updated on driver status.


Check clear access paths for manufactured components.

  • Double check clear access paths prior to framing and OH MEP.


Review and record condition of manufactured components.

  • If no State insignia program exists for project location, coordinate inspections team to be present on site at time of modular delivery, prior to installation (open construction required).
  • Inspect manufactured components actual construction against specifications when delivered.


Install manufactured components.

  • Re-review activities with all trade throughout install.
  • Dedicate a plumbing lead to focus solely on toilets.

  • Constant evaluation of production during install.
  • Make adjustments on sequence of units, framing, MEP, etc. as needed.


Manage install.

  • Install team performs installation of units in accordance with the install plan and schedule coordinated with the General Contractor.
  • Any deviation from plan is coordinated with the General Contractor.
  • Installation Supervisor to record unit serial numbers with installed locations on floor plans and submit this record to Manufacturer Coordinator.