From: Schematic Design Process Flow To: Construction Documents Process FLow DD-1: Architect obtains and reviews latest BIM Modules with Manufacturer DD-2: CSA Approval / Release to start manufacturing DD-3: Architect conducts periodic Coordination meetings DD-4: Architect integrates and coordinates fire-rated walls DD-5: Architect integrates and coordinates slab depressions DD-6: Architect issues BIM Module to Manufacturer Coordinator and Engineer DD-7: Confirmation of scope between Manufacturer Coordinator and General Contractor DD-8: Coordinate schedule, phasing, and sequencing requirements for modular components DD-9: Document Manufactured Component Dimensions Plan DD-10: Coordinate Vendor Packages DD-11: Develop milestone schedule DD-12: General Contractor performs field reviews of access and connection points DD-13: Architect issues Design Development Plans

Design Development Process Flow

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