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Installing Manufactured Headwalls and Footwalls


Framer (2)
Laborer (1)

Head Wall (1)
King Stud (2)
1 1/2″ Tapcon Screws (12)
Self Tapping Screws (box) (1)
1 1/2″ Hilti Anchors (1)
1/16″ Plastic Shim (package) (1)
1/8″ Plastic Shim (package) (1)

Safety Glasses (2)
Hard Hats (7)
Safety Vest (2)
Tie off (1)
Ear plugs (2)
Gloves (2)


Head Wall Jack (2)
Hammer Drill (1)
Drill or Impact Driver (1)
8′ Step Ladder (1)
Tin Snips or Electric Nibbler (1)
25′ Tape Measure (1)
Hilti Gun (if available) (1)
Laser Leveler (1)
6′ Magnetic Bubble Level (1)
Framing Square (1)

Gather all tools according to the SOP’s and manufacturer’s recommendation. Verify all top track is installed and layout is complete

Ensure layout lines are down and correct

If the headwall is adjacent to bathrooms or sinkwalls, install strapping to span the gap or space between studs. Attach kingstud to strapping or sinkwall verifying it is plumb.

Bend in edges of kingstud if necessary to aid the wall sliding over the kingstud

Move the headwall from staging area using two T-Movers (jacks) and 3-4 people

After positioning the headwall close to the install location, remove the bottom track from the bottom of the headwall.

Position bottom track on floor at the correct layout location and secure to the concrete per the manufacturer’s instruction.

If needed, bend in edges of bottom track to ensure the wall will fit over the bottom track easily

Move the wall over the bottom track using both T-Movers (jacks) as close to final position as possible. When setting the headwall adjacent to bathroom or sinkwall, remove one T-Mover (jack) from that side.

Slide/push headwall into kingstud at bathroom/sinkwall

Level and square the headwall using a laser level flush with all faceplates and shim as required. The wall may be shimmed up to a ¼”. If any more shimming needs to be done, consult with the GC.

Attach wall to king stud and bottom track. Attach kingstud to other side of the wall and secure to top and bottom track.

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