Bathroom Module Installation

Blank Space
Framer (2)
Laborer (1)
Bathroom Pod (1)
Latapoxy (3)
2 3/4″ Tapcon screws (16)
Plastic Shim Stock (package)(1)
Hard Hats (3)
Gloves (3)
Safety Glasses (3)
Ear plugs (3)
Safety Vest (3)
Knee Pads (1)
Blank Space
Broom (1)
Mixing Paddle (1)
Box Trowel (1)
Powered Drill (1)
Hammer Drill (1)
Bathroom Pod Jack / Mover (3)
Safety Knife (1)
3/16″ Hex Nut Driver (1)
5/32″ Masonry Bit (1)
Laser Level w/ Tripod (1)
4′ Magnetic Bubble Level (1)
25′ Tape Measure (1)
Tool Cart (1)
Extension Cord (2)
Pry Bar (2)
Pry Lever (wheeled) (1)


Step 1:  Mixing the Latapoxy

  • Designate appropriate mixing/cleaning area.
  • Bonding agent may be thinset or Latapoxy (or equal) adhesive.
  • If using Latapoxy 3-part adhesive, plan for minimum 1 ½ bucket per Non-ADA bathroom, 2 buckets per ADA Bathroom.
  • Mix 3-part epoxy with mixing drill: 3 parts A + 3 parts B + 2.5 parts C (slightly thinner and slower setting than manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • Clean mixing paddle between uses with water.

Step 2: Spreading of Bonding Agent

  • Prior to installation, verify pad and underside of unit are adequately cleaned.
  • Use 3/8” square-notched trowel to evenly spread adhesive while avoiding plumbing penetrations.
  • Evenly apply adhesive over entire module footprint, to edge of layout lines.
  • Remove any excess adhesive.

Step 3: Engaging the Mover

  • Engage Mover into pick point stud.
  • Verify all 3 pick points are locked into place.
  • Evenly lift all sides of unit to clear plumbing stub ups.

Step 4: Positioning and Lowering of Unit

  • Team Lead will use clear audible instructions to position unit over layout area.
  • Enter unit and utilize tool (straight bar or pipe) to adjust plumbing stub-ups to align with unit penetrations.
  • Evenly lower unit into final location.
  • Verify unit is plumb and in alignment.

Step 5: Finalize

  • To anchor unit, drill pilot holes through bottom track and subfloor using hammer drill with 3/8” masonry bit.
  • Anchor with ¼”x1 ¾” to 2 ¼” tap con screws with 5/16” head, 4 anchors per side, minimum.
  • Recheck unit alignment.
  • Make necessary plumbing connections between units.

Step 6: Install of next Unit


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